Outside Sales Representative vs. Inside Salesperson

With Sourcing Technologies you don’t bear the considerable expense of building, maintaining, or expanding a direct sales force in a given territory, capital is freed up for other business activities. Most sales expenses (local office, travel, entertainment, etc.) are the rep’s concern, not yours. You get comprehensive market coverage without significant dollar investment.

We Will Cover Your Market Faster and Provide Better Coverage

Sourcing Technologies has proven experience in the territory and can offer immediate coverage and penetration through our established contacts with our customers. Because we are based within the territory we are able to offer customers a local, “Face-to-Face”, presence.

The Synergy of Multiple Line Selling

Sourcing Technologies represents multiple lines allowing us to provide customers with a solution that best fits the customer’s needs. By representing several synergistic, but non-competing manufacturing processes, the sale of one process can often trigger the sale of others. It increases selling efficiency, and spreads the cost per sales call over a larger product base.

Benefit From Strong Customer Relationships and Market Credibility

At Sourcing Technologies; we take professional pride in our territory. With over 10 years of experience as a manufacturer’s representative, we have been able to build our customer base with meticulous care. Direct company sales people may come and go, but Sourcing Technologies has many years invested in our territory. We also have business and social roots in our territories, which creates strong credibility with customers.

Built-in Regional Sales Management

Sourcing Technologies is fully capable of serving as your regional sales office. As commissioned sales people, we are more strongly motivated to handle all outstanding issues in a timely manner, rather than an inside person who is on salary might be.

Timely Market Intelligence, Research & Feedback

Since Sourcing Technologies handles a wide variety of different product lines and sells into a broader range of customers; we can often sense overall market changes and opportunities earlier and more accurately than inside sales people who concentrate solely on their own company’s product line.

Honesty, Integrity, Credibility, Respect

Sourcing Technologies brings a unique combination of youth and experience to the market. We have established business and social roots in our territories, and have worked them for years. We have earned a high level of loyalty, respect & credibility with our customers and principals by maintaining our honesty & integrity.