Sourcing Technologies utilizes an aggressive, professional approach to selling by emphasizing our unique product mix strategy and these fundamental sales principles.

Maximize “Face-time” with our Customers – Develop key contacts at the engineering and purchasing levels, knowledge of products they manufacture and superior supplier positioning. We utilize a trust building approach to sales that knock the competition out of the running.
Strong Product Knowledge – The markets served in our territories and application specific focus approach through in-house Principal and Product Advocate training and product reviews. Focus on one of your product’s strengths and make that a “must have” for your prospect. Apply that strength to your prospect’s application or situation. Show your prospect how they will greatly benefit from this strength.
Strong Knowledge of the Competition – We strive to “Stay Positive”. You don’t have to bad mouth the competition to beat them . Knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses in our competitors products are the keys to our competitive sales strategy. We focus on one of our product’s strengths and make that a “must have” for our prospect.

Focused Marketing Efforts – Our strategy is to focus on new emerging growth markets, as well as, market segments that our principals have had success with, then use our databases and extract a list of target prospects, and pre-qualify that list by local knowledge of accounts. Once qualified, we tele-market, mail, visit and close (hopefully). We strive to convince engineers and purchasing that, by using our principals, it is possible for them to save money.

Partner with Engineering – We strive for early involvement with design engineers. We also have long-term engineering relationships with our established customers and can bring our principals into those relationships.
Qualifying Prospects – We understand the power of asking the right questions at the right times. The more effort we put into qualifying the prospect, the more quickly we can develop and close the opportunity if the prospect measures up to our qualifying criteria.


Offer “Sourcing Solutions” – By maintaining a diversified, non-competitive principal base we are able to offer our customers added solutions by helping them to select the best manufacturing process to produce their components at optimum cost from competent, reliable sources. We help our customers with prototypes through high volume production with a continual emphasis on the value added capabilities of our principals. We evaluate our customer’s designs, identify manufacturing problems, and help them to improve quality and reduce cost.

The implementation of this selling approach along with the balance of synergistic products/services and our ability to adapt to the ever changing market conditions are key factors to continued success.